What’s for dinner part 1

*knock knock* she has arrived, I know she’s going to look stunning when I open this door because she never disappoints. I open the door and just stare at her as she is flawless once again, the heels she had were nothing less than orgasmic and she knew it. As she walked in I closed the door behind her and while locking it I thought about all the things I wanted to do to her tonight in those heels. I turned around to watch her walk down the hall way and then politely ask to take her coat and hang it up, just so I could get a proper look at her ass (being a gentleman and all). To my surprise I was immediately pushed up against the door with a firm hand on my chest and the other sliding down my shorts, she knew what she wanted and who was I to argue with her. She slowly dropped down while taking my shorts with her and immediately did hesitate to stake claim to what was her. Someone must of been building up a lot of frustration but I wasn’t going to complain at all, she disrespected my dick in the nicest way possible. Watching my dick disappear inch by inch while she held back to urge to gag with a silent year rolling down her cheek turned me on just as much as it did her, but that was only the beginning for her as she would rub my balls with all the saliva that slowly made its way down all 8 inches she currently had lost in her throat. 

Clearly she’s a pleaser and I’m definitely pleased, I have no idea what to do with my hands I’m so caught up. I can’t see her due to the fact of my eyes being rolled back in my head but I know she’s doing something magical, all I can do is hold the back of her hear as I start to reach climax. I eventually open my eyes and expect to see it either all over her top, my floor,her face but instead I’m greeted to her pleastly pulling up my shorts and not a drop to be seen anywhere. I’m baffled, where did it……


What’s for dinner part 1

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