Make it last forever Pt 2

The lights were off and the only glow illuminating the room came from the moon reflecting off the lake outside and the flames from the fire place which reflected off her her skin. We wanted each other in the worst way I knew how wet she was, the evidence was all over my chin. I looked her in her eyes as she told me again to “put it in”. She grabbed my dick and rubbed the tip in between her lips slowly before sliding it in which made her bite her lip.I leaned forward and started to kiss her as I went deeper with every steady stroke. She bit my lip as I put it deeper inside her, the pain was pleasure and it felt so good being inside of her.

She placed one leg over my shoulder as her other leg dropped over the sofa and onto the floor, I placed my arm under her as she arched her back and I continued to slide deep inside her. As she tilted her head back to moan I kissed her on her chest, her hands immediately wrapped around my neck as I started to rise from the sofa with her in my arms.

I kept her balanced as I stood up and made sure I stayed inside of her while we gracefully manoeuvred, her hands gripped around me tighter and she was now looking at me in my eyes as I placed my hands under each of her things. Her legs were amazing and felt like they went on for days, as I ran my hands towards the back of her thighs I started to raise her up and slowly bring her down on my dick which felt wonderful. I could keep this up for hours with the adrenaline that was running through my body, they way she was bitting on my ear kept me pounding her harder and turned me on even more than I already was.

I dropped legs to the floor and spun her around before slapping her on the ass, she let off a slight “oooh” and the combination of moves caught her off guard. I grabbed her from behind by her waist and kissed her on the neck as I guided her to the balcony door, she willingly placed both hands on the glass as the moonlight illuminated her palms. No instructions were needed as she arched her back ready to receive me again, I obliged and slid in her slow as one of her hands screeched down the glass window. Watching the way her ass moved as I fucked her from behind was like watching a work of art being painted over and over again, my hands were on either side of her and now one of her hands was grabbing for my wrist as I slowed down and started to go slow.

Each slow stroke made us both moan softly, I could feel her pussy getting tighter around my dick and I wanted to make her cum first. I dug my nails in the side of her waist trying to fight the urge to cum inside her, I could feel her cumming on my dick as she now grabbed my wrist and her pussy started to relax. I pulled my dick out and rested it on top of her ass just in time to cum on top of it, she reached her hand between her legs and softly ran her nails over my balls which made me cum even more. I slapped her ass and watch as it shook magically, she turned around and placed both arms around my neck while kissing me. If this is what it felt like to date your best then she as defiantly worth the wait, I’d finally found my equal, my Queen, the person I thought was just a myth.

She started to walk off towards the bedroom before turning around mid stride, “You know we’re not done right?” 😜

Make it last forever Pt 2

Make it last forever Pt1

The sounds of the fire place crackling around the room was soothing, my hands ran through her hair as we laid on the sofa with her head on my chest. We decided to take some time away from the busy city life and enjoy some alone time in a nice cabin away from everything. I loved the way her hand rested on my chest, we both had the love language of touch, being in each others arms and being able to feel each other was something that we bother craved.

I leaned my head forward and kissed her on the forehead and she gazed mesmerisingly into the fire while telling me about her plans for the future.

Her drive and vision was such a beautiful thing and I could listen to her talk for days, she dug her nails into my chest “are you even listening to me?” I was listening to her but now she had my full attention, she knew that her nails digging into me turned me on. “Of corse I’m listening to you, but if you keep doing that you gonna start something” I said as I leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead again.

She put her nails back into my chest and scratched me as she looked me dead in my eyes “like this” she said? I pulled her up towards me so her chest was on mine, I wanted her to be closer to me as I kissed her. She had the most amazing lips and her kisses made me feel like I was in another dimension. As I leaned forward and kissed her I could feel her nails run down from my chest and onto my stomach, I inhaled deeply as I knew where she was going and I couldn’t help the way my body reacted to her.

She softly slid her hand past my shorts and rested her hand on my dick, as it stated to rise in her hand I started to pull on her hair and our kisses became more passionate than they was before. We didn’t feel the need for clothes when we were together and her nipples were so inviting as I opened my eyes and stared at them, I pinched her nipples softly and started to caress her breast.

It felt so good having her in my arms and I loved pleasing her, I felt her exhale as she started stroking my dick just the way I liked it. We both got pleasure out of pleasing the other person, the only problem we had was who was got to do the pleasing first. I loved pleasing her and we had purposely had pineapples every morning so I couldn’t wait to taste her, not only for pleasing her but I wanted to enjoy every drop that I would help create.

I caught her by surprise and rolled her on top of her, placing her on her back with both my arms beside her. She grabbed my arms as I started to kiss her and slowly started making my way down to her chest, her dug her nails into the shoulders and I started to play with her nipples and softly bite them. I could feel her breathing getting heavy, I slid one of my fingers slowly across her pussy and started to rub on her clit. My tongue stated to run down her stomach and her nails went from my shoulders to the top of my head as I made my tongue greeted my finger which was playing with her clit. I rolled my tongue over her clit as my finger slowly slid inside her, I wanted to give her pleasure both ways.

Her moans over took the sound of crackling fireplace and I did want it to stop, I had placed both of my hands on the top of either thigh as I started to softly sick on her slips and slide my tongue inside her. I could feel my top lip rubbing against her clit as I tasted every bit of her, she made me want to please her endlessly the way her body was moving and my tongue followed her rhythm. Moans because screams as she began to climax and nothing turned me on more than know that she was about to feel something amazing, as my name started to roll off her tongue I knew she was about to reach that moment of ecstasy. Her body started to relax as my name went from a scream to a soft whisper, her nails stopped digging into the back of my head as kissed my way up to her neck. I kissed her softly on her neck as she grabbed my ear with one hand whispered “put it in”

Make it last forever Pt1

Spell my name right

Her smile, it would illuminate a dark room in seconds. She stared at me and smiled as she put on her favourite shade of lipstick, there was something about that shade of red she wore that just drove me crazy and she knew it.

I laid on the bed watching her in front of her vanity mirror as she was getting ready to leave to meet her BFF, I caught her cheeky wink as she looked at me in her mirror.

I wanted to make her late and she knew it, that’s why she sat there with nothing but her lingerie and heels on. Only women looking to start trouble choose that combination on and who in to dent her of such a desire, I slid my hand down my boxers and started to slowly stroke him as I was getting aroused with each passing second.

I got so caught up in my own world for a second and closed my eyes while thinking about all the things I wanted to do to please her. I felt her hands on either side of my thighs as I open my eyes to her slowing crawling onto the bed and between my legs.

She took my hand and moved it to my side and told me “that’s not yours, that’s mine” who was I to argue with such a statement. I let out a soft grown as I watched her slow place her ruby red lips over to tip of my dick and rolled her tongue around it. Her nails slowly ran down my chest and I was now a willing participant in her fantasy as she gradually seduced me with such care, I could feel myself getting harder with each stroke of her hand. That ruby lipstick was getting closer and and closer to devouring every inch of what she claimed as hers, I felt the tip on my dick on the back of her throat and felt her saliva rolling down to my balls as she deep throated all she could and sent me into a moment of ecstasy. I loved the way she pleased me and I let out a louder moan as she took pleasure in pleasing me. I could see her getting turned on as she moved her black lingerie to one side and rubbed on her clit while now stroking me, I wanted to taste her worst way. It’s like she could read my mind as she effortlessly slide her heels off and with one effortless motion positioned each thigh beside my head all without missing a stroke and placed her clit in position for me to please her as she pleased me. I placed my hands on top of her ass slowly brought her down as my tongue went up to greet her clit. I could feel her moan on my dick as I softly flicked her it around in my mouth, I took pleasure in caressing her pussy with my tongue. I kissed her lips and grabbed her ass as she got wetter and wetter. I couldn’t tell if it was my saliva or how wet she was, but it was rolling down my cheek and I loved it. I loved being on the same page as her and exchanging energy, I felt her nails dig into my inner thigh which turned me even more. Knowing she was about to cum for me made me cum instantly and I felt her release as her legs shook and I felt her body relax on mine.

We both laid there in our feeling of gratitude and ecstasy, then she whispered “I’ll reschedule”


Spell my name right

Sweet surprise

I could hear her struggling as she tried to fit her keys in the door as I lit the last candle, I quickly made my way to the front door to greet her with the biggest smile. As soon as I opened the door I was met with the biggest smile, she was smiling from ear to ear and she had the most beautiful smile in the world and I loved seeing it. This smile wasn’t just because I came to help her as she was trying to open the door but more to do with the dusty pink bouquet of roses she was trying not to drop.

She ran through my mind daily and I felt like doing something special for her, not because it was her birthday, valentines day or any other special day through out the year but just because I wanted to remind her how special she was to me and that I would be there every day to make her feel like the Queen that she was. While I was at work that day I decided to browse online and find some of her favourite roses and have them delivered to her work place, I knew that she might be overwhelmed at work today and wanted to give her that gentle reminder that I was thinking of her and give her a reason to smile.

There’s something special about her that made her run through my thoughts throughout the day, it was something more than the physical attraction to her that made me fall for her. The way she smiled was so warm that it made you want to smile with her, and her laugh was so contagious and sweet I couldn’t help but finding a different reason to make her laugh every time we was together.

I took her bags and keys so that she could hold her vase of flowers with the care she was trying to give then, she gave me a kiss that sent shivers down my body and made me feel like a kid falling in love for the first time all over again. She had no idea of the night planned and the weekend to follow, usually I would of cooked dinner on a Friday night for us both so we could unwind as she let me know about her day but tonight was different.

She went to place the flowers on the window seal as I went to place her bags in the bedroom, as I put her bags down I heard “why is there an envelope with my name on it?” I could hear the smile on her face without even being in the same room. “Well if you open it there’s a possibility you’ll find out exactly why” I responded as I wheeled out two suitcases I had packed while she was at work.

In the envelope she found 2 tickets for the euro star along with a note that read “Since you mean the world to me I want to show you the world and enjoy every moment of it with you, so how about we start with a trip to France.” I found a beautiful hotel which had the most amazing view of the landscape which was picture perfect, there was also an award winning spa which was perfect for her to relax and unwind while indulging in the finest wine. I loved leaving her speechless which was one of my goals for the New Year, she slowly wrapped her arms around me and gave me another kiss that made me wrap my arms around her waist and for a moment the world seemed to pause as I fell deeper in love than I already was.

She was my Queen and I planned to be every bit of the King she deserved and more, as we came back down to earth she looked at me while running her nails through my hair “when do we leave?”….

Sweet surprise

You’re mine Pt 3

There’s something about the way she kisses which puts my sexual drive into another dimension, the passion behind each kiss had us laying beside each other embracing for ages. I rolled on top of her while still kissing her, I wanted to slide in her and feels the warm feeling of her all around my dick as a slide inside her. She was tight so it felt so good when I was inside her, I reached down to grab my dick so I could rub it on her clit and feel how wet her pussy was but it was beaten to the punch. She had already grabbed my dick and started using it as her own personal rabbit.

It was such a turn on having someone walk around in my mind and fulfil my nasty thoughts, just as soon as I thought about having enough of this teasing and wanting to be inside her she made her grip tighter and moaned as she slid me inside her tight pussy. We both moaned as the tip went in and her grip was no longer on my dick but on my ass, I slowly started to give her more and more as I slid in and out until I was deep inside her. I could feel her hand now on my chest as we both moan loudly enjoying the pleasure of pleasuring each other, she put her hands round the back of my neck and let out a scream as I went deeper before looking me in my eyes and pulling me closer before giving my those orgasmic lips to kiss.

I started to slide my hand down to play with her breasts, she had some amazing breasts and I loved playing with her nipples. They stood out and I knew if I twisted them in the right way it would turn her on some more and that was my plan, my other hand slid down to her thigh which a grabbed a threw on shoulder. I took my hand of her nipple and started to rotate it across her clit while in went deeper, she bit my bottom lip in excitement which only turned me on even more. I felt her starting to get tighter around my dick and it felt so good, she was about to cum and I wanted her to squirt on my dick so bad. The sharp feeling or her nails was the sign that she was about to release and I could feel my dick being squeezed tighter and tighter, it was something else to her moan as she came. I looked at her in her eyes before sliding out and laying beside her again, we was about to have the best night sleep but before we both passed out she softly put her hand on the side of my face kissed me and whispered “you’re still mine” and smiled.

You’re mine Pt 3

You’re mine Pt 2

There was no more wine, between the both of us we had gone through 2 bottles of her favourite wine and clearly to full for desert. We laughed all the way through dinner at some of silliest things but that was our demeanours. As I started to get up the waiter stepped in to help her with her chair, I held my arm out for her to put hers in mine, as we walked towards the door she asked me “What about the bill?” I pretended to not hear her and proceeded to the elevator.

“What about the car?” she asked, I was about 3 steps ahead of her at this point. Little did she know that her favourite restaurant was not only a restaurant but was connected to the hotel beside it in which we had room booked in. As we stepped into the elevator I pulled out a key and asked her “Do you mind doing the honours?” There was only one place for the key to go, as she turned it the door started to slowly close and a soft voice announced “going up, pent house level”.

She handed the key back to me and wrapped her arms around me neck before seducing me with her soft lips, this had nothing to do with the grand gesture or the magnitude of things. She knew she was my Queen and it was only right that I gave her something to take her mind off what was going on around her once in a while. The doors opened to a magnificent open plan room with a clear balcony view in sight. The hotel staff had helped my change the flowers in the room with some of her favourites, there was a candle lit table on the balcony with desert served another bottle of wine on ice just in case.

I placed my jacket around her as we stepped out onto the balcony to admire the view of central London as night, it was magnificent. We was in no mood for desert but a glass of wine is something we could indulge in. It was starting to get cold now even with my jacket around her and the heater, as we walked back in she effortlessly let my jacket slip off her shoulders on the floor. As I bent down to pick up I noticed her shoes started to come of one at a time in stride, and as if she had it planned all along her dress proceeded to glide down her caramelised figure. She started to walk to the bedroom which was easy  to find as their was a pool of rose petals with a trail of them leading to a room at the end of the corridor.

I left my jacket where it was a decided to follow suit, by the side I made it to the bedroom with nothing but my left sock on she was on the bed with one had on her breast and the other slowly massaging her clit. I was so turned on that I slid right up to her and let my tongue greet her already wet lips. She jumped as if she forgot I was there and proceed to put her hand on the back of my head. I could’t help but want to please her in every way possible, I slid my tongue up to her clit and started to roll my tongue over before flicking it around in my mouth. Her grip on the back of my head started to get tighter and I knew I was hitting her spot.

My hands started to drift up to the top of her thigh, I wanted  to hold her tight so she couldn’t wriggle away when she started to cum. I wanted to taste all of her and have her juices drip down my chin. I could feel her body as she started to shake and her moans got louder, dug her nails into the back of my head and I grabbed her thighs tighter ass she relaxed and let it all go right on my tongue. That was only the beginning of the night, she was now rubbing her nipple and I slid up right beside her and started to kiss her, letting her tastes how sweet she was. She licked my chin and my bottom lip in the middle of kissing me, we both shared the same high sex drive and nothing turned us on more than pleasing the other. “Get on your back” she whispered in my ear while twisting my nipple.

As much as I loved being in control it was a turn on when she demanded what she wanted and took it, I wasn’t one to disobey so I followed my instructions. She straddled me and started to kiss my chest and play with my nipples as she made her way down the middle of my body, I started to inhale deeply in anticipation of her getting lower. She started to kiss and softly bite my thigh before grabbing what was hers and sucking on my balls. I wanted to look up and see what she was doing but I was so turned on all I could do was close my eyes and lay my head back. She started to slowly make her way up to my dick making it wet as possible in the process, my eyes we closed and I could still hear how wet it was. Hearing her turned me on just as much as seeing her, I raised my head to see what felt so good just in time to see her make all 8 inches disappear down her throat as she looked my on my eyes. She choked as it reached the back of her throat and the feeling of her throat on the tip of my dick as she pulled it out and started to suck the tip made me throw my head back.

She knew exactly what she was doing, she was stroking it long and spitting on it at the same time. I was at her mercy and she was trying to make me cum. I don’t know why I was fighting it so hard but I couldn’t do it anymore, I started to moan and let her know I was going to cum. She placed her mouth around my dick and continued to stroke it with one hand while the other was playing with my balls using her nails. It was all to much and I started to cum, it was the best feeling I could of imagined accompanied by the feeling of her rolling her tongue around the tip of dick at the same time. I looked up again after I finished and she looked at me and mouthed again “you’re mine”. I was turned on for so many reasons, she looked so good naked and all I wanted to do now was to please her all over again and make her cum all on my dick. But if it was possible for her to mouth that to me then where did the cum go, she swallowed it and for some reason that turned me on even more.

It was on…

You’re mine Pt 2

You’re mine Pt 1

I knew it had been a long week for her at work and all she wanted to do was rest for the long weekend ahead. I had something planned for her that would take her mind of the week she had and allow her to unwind. It was 5:00 and she should of been arriving home by now, I had purposely left a playlist playing throughout the house so when she walked in the house it would put somewhat of smile on her face, and that was just the start.

As she walked into the living room where she usually rest her hers she saw a vase of white lilies with dusty pink roses, resting up on the vase was a card with her name on it. Inside it read “I know you’ve had a long week being superwoman but now its time to allow me to let you relax, on the bed you will find something else with your name on it.”

3 months prior we had been out looking for a new sofa when we walked past a shop which we just had to stop in she said, she had spotted a dress that was just perfect for her and finally she could wear with a pair of heels she bought years ago. She tried it on and I could hear the screams of excitement from the inside the changing room, but someone had left marked the bottom of the dress and we had to leave it behind. Waiting on the bed was the dress, brand new, the heals she’d been wanting to wear, a new coat along with some Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap and her favourite perfume from Bulgari. She loves the way she feels after she uses that soap and I wanted her to feel like she was the Queen she forever is tonight.

There was another card resting on top of her dress, she opened it “I have plans for us tonight but you’re not allowed to call me, text me or snoop around so please put down your detective hat and enjoy the night. Your driver will be with you at 19:30 to take you to your next destination, please wear your new dress.” Little did she know that dinner plans had been made at her favourite restaurant.

“Evening Madam” the driver said as he opened her door to let her in, she hadn’t left her detective hat at home and proceeded to question the driver once the car was in motion. Little did she know the driver was given specific instructions, there are only 2 responses he’s allowed to give in response to any question. “My name is Rupert, a pleasure to make your acquaintance” or “Sometimes blue skittles are better than the red ones”. She soon got the hint from his responses and finally sat back and relaxed enough to find the third letter in the car for her.

“I know you haven’t left your detective hat at home because I know you, so please take it off now and just enjoy the night. I look forward to seeing you soon” As if the driver was waiting for her to finish reading the car came to it’s final stop and I was greeted by the most beautiful smile upon opening the door. I placed my hand out to help her out the car and as she started to gracefully step out of the car my jaw started to drop. She has always been beautiful, but the combination of those shoes and dress was doing something some magic it made me feel like I was the king of Zamunda. As I leaned in to kiss her I could smell her perfume and her hair, there’s nothing better that the smell of the black girl magic from a woman with natural hair. I got caught up for a couple seconds in the kiss and had to compose myself.

I escorted her through the front door of the restaurant and over to our table, I waited for her to gracefully sit down before tucking her chair in right behind her. I proceeded to sit down opposite her and couldn’t help but smile at her, she was effortlessly captivating and I was living for all of it. My gaze was broken when the waiter politely asked “are you ready to order?” while pouring a glass of wine. She inspected the bottle of wine and then looked at me, the waiter had somehow bought out her favourite bottle of wine. As she took the first sip she looked me dead in my eyes and mouthed “You’re mine” with a cheeky wink at the end.

You’re mine Pt 1

Yes Please Pt 2

There’s something about soca that made us tune everything out around us, song after song for the last hour had us in the zone and by now the Henny was doing it’s job. I hailed a cab as we both stood outside, my coat draped around her body to shield her from the British wind which seemed to be unforgiving in it’s approach tonight. I reached out to open her door as the cab pulled up and watched her gracefully position herself on the back seat. Uber was a thing of the past now and the trusted black cabs we out in full force, as she gripped my coat tighter to keep the warmth in whilst getting comfortable on the back seat I gave the driver instructions to take us home.

There was not better feeling than coming home to a warm house after a long night, a shower was definitely in order after the long night we had. It’s like she had already read my mind, as I started to run the shower she was already half way undressed. I couldn’t help but stare at her caramel skin, she knew I was looking and bent down slowly to take off her heels. I gasped, not because of how turned on I was but because I had forgot to mixx the cold water as I left my hand running under the now hot water. I turned my attention back to the shower which was now at the optimum temperature she likes, as I got up the join her in the bedroom and get undressed I was greeted by the most amazing site.

She was standing in the door way leaning on the frame with one arm in the air while becoming me her way with the other, there  was no way I would resist her as she stood there completely naked looking like she wanted me to devour her. As I got closer she lowered her hand to grab my shirt as I leaned in to kiss her and pulled me towards her, those lips of her would drive and sane man crazy. The soft embrace of her lips on mine made me want to pick her up and carry her back to the bed, I grabbed her ass before softly smacking it and paused from kissing her momentarily to whisper in her ear “get your ass in the shower so I can join you”. I kissed her on her neck and watched as her body shivered while she bit her lip.

I left my clothes in the hall way as I hurried to join her in the shower, starting at her from the doorway as she leaned back and let the water run her neck and onto her chest. I turned on our playlist of slow jams to echo from the bedroom into the rest of the house before climbing in behind her and grabbing the sponge from her hand ,squeeze the suds to the flow of the water I watched as it ran down over her nipples, down to her navel. We spent the good part of an hour sensually rubbing each other down before the water started to turn from tropical to arctic.

I reached out to grab her towel which was hanging in the his and hers hooks and wrapped it around her while watching her saunter back to the bedroom, she hadn’t made it a few steps before she had purposely let the towel gracefully drop to the floor showing off her ass in all its glory. I didn’t even bother grabbing my towel and completely ignored the pile of clothes I had left in the hallway and I followed right behind her wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her on the neck as we both fell face first down on the bed.

I started to place kisses on the back of her neck and made my own pathway down the middle of her back, slowly grabbing her ass with two hands I softly bit her right cheek before running my tongue over her wet lips. I didn’t know if it was wet from the shower or from my methodical journey of kisses down her back, but I planned to make sure she kept that arch in her back as I circled my tongue around her clit and flicked it around in my mouth. I could hear her gipping the sheet as she moaned, the more the moan the more it turned me on and I wanted nothing more than her to cum on my tongue while I wrote my name in cursive with my tongue. I could feel her body getting ready to explode with the last grip on bed sheet, I slapped her as and started to softly suck on her lips as my finger flicked her clit back and forth. As she let go of the sheets and placed her hand on the back of my head I could feel it running down my chin, I slowly slide my tongue across both lips as she pushed my head deeper. I enjoyed every last bit of her as I kissed her pussy ran my tongue across her pussy her coming up and re traced my kisses up her back and to her neck again.

Yes Please Pt 2

Yes Please Part 1

I stood back and watched as clearly her favourite song came on and she went into her zone, as far as she was concerned no one was in the room aside from her. There was something mesmerising about her that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Maybe it was her short hair style which complimented her cheekbones, and she had the nerve to have some sweet waves too. Maybe it was how tall she was and her long legs, she looked sexy in her heels as she moved to her song. Maybe it was her lips that looked so soft and kissable, there was no question at all that she was a good kisser. There was no way with lips as tantalising as hers that she could be a bad kisser. Her naturally God gifted created lips that women lust over and pout their lips out to achieve she wore with class, and the red lipstick she wore tonight just set them off. Or maybe just maybe it was her eyes, she had the cutest eyes that would tantalise anyone.

At that moment our eyes met, she caught me as I was caught up in a gaze while looking at her and it’s like she could read my thoughts.

She gave me that sweet look as she walked off to the outro of her song which meant “well if you’re going to look at me like that you may as well come and talk to me”. I tried to act as if I was in control of the reason why I was walking over to where she was standing with her friends as they welcomed her back and rated her performance. I couldn’t even act like I wasn’t captivated by her, she had on some tan coloured Steve madden heels which accentuated her longs caramel legs which were covered by some nice blue denim jeans and a white oversized  dress shirt which look perfect on her.

As I walked up to her and was about to introduce myself, she gave the smoothest pivot towards me and caught me staring at her again. “You have a staring problem don’t you?” Caught again, what was I to say, I don’t do pre set pick up line soI could only tell her what was on my mind, “Well if you come out looking as fine as your do wearing some Steve Maddens and sipping on some Henney and Coke what do you expect?” She gave me a look to say ‘you don’t know me, but how did you know?’ Every black person knows the smell of Henessey, it’s almost a social requirement to know the smell.

Her friends slowly started to move to the dance floor, leaving us to talk (and secretly be in bag and coat duty). Right in the middle of our conversation she raised her hand, closed her eyes and dipped her head. This is known internationally as the sign for “that’s my song”, she still had her cup in her other hand and the balance to not spill any while vibing to her tune with her eyes closed was admirable. I mean how can you expect someone not to respond that way to “Dip n Ride” by Destra, I was being mesmerised again by her waist but this time I found myself whining beside her (minus the Henny and Coke).

I positioned myself behind her ready for the next song but you know the DJ is on your side when he pulls the track up, at this point we both were ready to put it on each other. I didn’t need to put my hand on her wait to follow her whine the way she moved was beautiful and I followed every motion precisely. She now had my fully attention and she could feel every bit of it, there was no way I could hide what she had started. As the song finished I noticed her drink was just about finished “I’m going to get myself another drink, would you like another?” I asked politely. She looked me dead in my eyes and said “you have some kissable lips.”

How can she completely ignore my question and compliment me at the same time, I could help but laugh and tell her “by the end of the night I’m going to feel those lips.” I turned around the bar and was about to place my order when the bar man interjected “Henny and Coke for two?” I didn’t know if I should be offended or appreciate his attention to detail.

Yes please…

Yes Please Part 1

Ms Sparrow Pt 1

There’s something about the Queen in her that turns me on with the little things that she does, she’d been setting business goals all month and completing every single one. That drive in her drove me wild, watching her sit down at the computer letting as her mind and fingers worked in sync. She has no idea what was in plan for the day but she was soon to find out.

I kissed her from behind on the top of her forehead before saying goodbye “There’s breakfast in the oven for you” I whispered in her ear. She gave me that appreciative smile like the King in my just spoke to the Queen in her to let her know how much I value her.

I rush out the house and into the car waiting outside, in my head I knew it was going to be a very long day with tight deadlines but I could wait to see her again because she brings me peace. It was important to me that today of all days ran on schedule and my driver Trent knew my tendencies, before I could open my mouth to ask him to confirm everything in order “Mr Banner, the packages you requested are in the boot of the car and the sparrow is scheduled to be picked up 10 minutes after you arrival”. Now that what you called clinical, my mind was now at ease I relaxed back in my seat as we continued to location.

Back home there was a knock on the door which went un answered for 20 minutes, she was deep in her bath relaxing and nobody was going to disturb that especially someone who had come around un announced. She finally came down to answer the door with the most unimpressed face you could imagine which suddenly turned to confusion, there was a man standing at our front door with an envelope entitled “Ms Sparrow”. He leaned his umbrella forward he’d been using to shield himself from the rain as he handed her the letter, her confusion turned to excitement as she opened the letter.

The letter read “I love you more than you can fathom and for that reason I need you to follow the instructions of the driver who has also been instructed not to answer any of your questions.” As she looked up from reading the letter she had the biggest smile on her face, there was no need to sign the letter as she knew I was behind all of this. The driver then said “This way Ms Sparrow”, she asked the driver “can I just grab my coat?” He gingerly gestured to the letter with one finger which he the slowly turned palm up for her to take, she reluctantly took his hand and stood under his umbrella while closing the door behind her. As she sat in the back of the car her mind was racing trying to figure out what was going on, she fired every question at the driver that she could think of which he refused to acknowledge.

As I stood under my umbrella protecting myself from the rain as her car pulled up, I could see her piercing eyes through the tinted windows at me. I opened her door and gave her my hand, as she reached out and took it she asked “what are we doing at the airport?” I refused to answer and continued to lead her to the first class lounge where the second part of her surprise was waiting for her. As we walked into concierge one of the ladies handed her a bag with a smile on her face and said “follow me please, I’ve been given the same instructions as the driver”

Inside the bag was a change of clothes to a more suitable climate to where was going, after she changed she was lead to our table where breakfast was waiting for us. She looked at me and said “How do you know I haven’t eaten?” I looked back at her given her the look of “woman I know you.” Knowing her she was planning to eat but got distracted by a nice relaxing lavender and bubble bath. I loved sitting across from her and admiring her beauty, she was not relaxed and telling me about the plans that she had for the day. There was that amazing woman that I loved so much, intelligent, smart, loyal, driven and so mother fucking beautiful. As I was getting caught up in my thoughts listening to her talk one of the concierge staff approached the table, while leaning over she softly said “Your flight is ready”

There was no more keeping the secret from her, as we walked to the board the flight she caught a glimpse of the small departure board which read “Now boarding flight number G250309 to…” I turned back and winked at Jack who controlled the departure board as we got our passports checked. She was now walking down the walkway to the plane with me following behind her, which meant Jack could change the board back to the proper destination “Now boarding flight number G250309 to Santorini”


Ms Sparrow Pt 1